30 Day Dance Challenge

Be a Better Dancer… Guaranteed!

“Discover the feeling of natural dancing, the dancing that feels effortless and easy” 

If you want to become a better dancer, learn how to implement all movements learned in your belly dance classes, create your own choreography, prevent injury, and set a new standard in your dance, then you must consider this new program! I guarantee combining the proper technique, improvisation, and mind-body connection to create your own dance routine that will make you feel a better and stronger dancer.

Hi, my name is Nathalie and I am the owner of Dreamsbellydance Academy, an exclusive belly dance academy located in Pembroke Pines FL. I have almost 100 students per month passing trough my classes and my class room. Beginning of this year I was asked to raise the bar for the belly dance community and belly dance students in South Florida, since then I have being committed to do so through my programs and technical exercises I provide in my school.

  • “My experience at Dreams Belly Dance has been absolutely amazing, Nathalie has inspired me in dancing and in every aspect of life. I am more dedicated and i feel more confident in myself. Nathalie is the best dance instructor / teacher ever, and everyone at DBA is so welcoming and loving! Thank you Nathalie so much for everything! You inspire me”~Valentina Giraldo. Student 

  •  “I’ve been dancing with Nathalie all this year and I see a huge improvement in my dance: my movements are more fluent and graceful and my posture radiates presence! She not only teaches belly dance, she gives all her knowledge as a dancer and makes you understand the music and how the body works”~Liliana Barrera. Former Student
  • “My first class taught by Nathalie was one of the best things I have ever done for my self. She is a remarkable and a unique dancer and teacher”~ Robie. Former Student


However, I noticed that even after providing all of the tools for students to learn the art of belly dancing there was one thing that students were missing…. The ability to dance effortless, easy, and natural. I realized that all steps learned in the class room have not been used by students to feel like they can create their own “dance” outside of what teachers gave them.

So I started thinking, how can I help my students achieve this goal? 

First and foremost it is important that you know that I have been teaching professional belly dancing for the past 13 years, I have trained thousand of students that had very little experience and/or no experience at all in belly dancing. These students achieved their dancing goals under my classes and have been able to step on stage with confidence and as better and stronger dancers.

  • “Nathalie, thank you for helping me achieve my dreams and for being professional and at the same time supportive and caring with everyone, you have inspired me so much in so many ways, i am learning so much from you. That’s why i am your FAN NUMBER ONE! ” ~Jhonnela Flores. Former Student

 What is your 30 Day Dance Challenge? 

It is simple really. First we understand what you want out of your dancing and what you want to achieve. We do this via a simple conversation to best understand what specifically you want to feel/achieve.

Then we go into analyzing what is going to take to get you to your goal. What are the factors holding you back, what are your strengths that we can build off of and how is your thought process through your training and dancing.

The Process Continues…

Next, we start working on the specifics that will allow you to make the greatest leaps forward in your dancing. Common areas we focus on are: core strength, balance, posture, muscle coordination (using the right muscle at the right time), muscle strength, transitions, timing, and ACCOUNTABILITY. Less common but still prevalent areas we find need work are: mentally, consistency, and attitude towards your goals.

At this point is about doing. We have developed the plan and is all about staying consistent to that plan, implementing in on a week over week basis and before you know it , dance becomes effortless, easy, stronger, and better!

Why is your  30 day Dance challenge so EFFECTIVE? 

In this Program we are committed to give you the tools, proper  exercises, and material to achieve the goal of dancing effortless and make it easier for you. We believe that when people set deadlines and work under a certain amount of days or weeks it makes them engage easily with no excuses. We also believe that people become more committed and achieve REAL RESULTS!

Results in achieving your dancing goals do not come fast which is why sign-up ends November 8th , so we can get you moving towards your goals as soon as possible!

What to expect?

We will provide a manual with exercises for you to implement during the 30 days of the program. We will provide a 3 minute song for you, the first 1.5 min will be choreographed by the teachers. The goal is to come up with your own individual 1.5 min left of the song and finish up the choreography with all exercises and material provided in the program. Don’t worry, we have an entire system that brings the entire force of our studio behind you to ensure you are being supported, coached, and guided to achieve this goal. A CD with the song chosen for the final routine will be given to you.

This Dance Challenge is built on progression, the students will perform together the first 1.5 minute routine given by the teachers at our December Show in our studio, then they will perform individually their own 1.5 minute choreography. The Audience will vote for the student that shows the most progress, the student chosen will be rewarded with PRIZES!


We want to encourage you to really take it to the next level, so therefore we are taking it to the next level for YOU!!

PRIZES:  Total Value: $550.75

  • $300 Cash Prize in celebration of our 3 year anniversary
  • Dreamsbellydance T-shirt and DVD’s – Value $75.00
  • A one on one 60 min private class with the instructor of your choice- Value $90.00
  • A Habibi Special Package (Includes coin belt, veil, and a set of finger cymbals)- Value $85.75 

Yes I want In!! ….How do I Sign up? 

There are two options to sign up:

Option One: Consists of two 60 minute classes each week in our Belly Dance Academy. This classes will be held Friday at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 2:30pm . This includes and individual consultation session at the beginning of the sign-up and another one a week before the end of the program. We will provide a manual with exercises for you to implement during the 30 days of the program, a CD with the song chosen for the final routine, plus a 1.5 minute routine done for you to get you started. Price: $175.00- CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP 

Option Two: VIP Registration: Consist of  two 30 min private classes each week at our studio based on the student and studio availability. This includes and individual consultation session at the beginning of the sign-up and another one a week before the end of the program. We will provide a manual with exercises for you to implement during the 30 days of the program, a CD with the song chosen for the final routine, plus a 1.5 minute routine done for you to get you started. Price: $219.00CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP



1- You can do it ONLINE by CLICKING HERE and go to CLASSES, look for the class called “30 Day Dance Challenge” and sign up online.

2- Call us at our studio (954)600-4478 and say you are interested in signing up to the “30 Day Dance Challenge” , one of our awesome girls will help you through the process over the phone!! 



  1. Avida Hayat Rosa says:

    Hello Nathalie,

    I would like to know how to sign up on line… I click on glasses but the class 30 Day Dance Challenge is not listed. Can you pleae help me? Thank you so much have a good evening.

  2. Thanks for contacting us in regards of the 30 day Dance challenge, we are so excited about this program, we know you will absolutely love it. To register please follow this link


    Go to level classes and scroll down until you find the “30 day dance challenge class” you can click in sign up now and follow the instructions. Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.

    We look forward to meeting you. 😉

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