A great Year for Us!!

Hello Everyone,
So I just got back from all my travels, this year has been amazing for Dreamsbellydance and for myself. I had the opportunity to travel inside the country and Internationally showing people what I have to offer, and honestly I cannot be more thankful for all this blessings. I started by teaching in Ohio, to a group of wonderful girls that gave so much in that workshop, so thank you Sherena for your sponsorship, you are a wonderful lady! Then Italy came along, OMG I fell in love with Sicily and Rome…what a beautiful country. I was so amazed by the warm welcoming of the audience, students, sponsors, organizers of the event…everything was amazing! No need to say that the food over there is to die for, so thank you Sara for a wonderful time in your country, hope to come back again. Then my home Argentina, I always love to come back to my country, is like it keeps me grounded and reminds me where I come from and where my dreams began 😉 Then Taiwan!!! WOW I never thought I would travel so much…lol the trip to ASIA is one of the longest I ever took, but I have to say that despite the challenges during this trip, I was feeling so blessed for being able to be there, those girls are quick learners!! They amazed me with their talents and skills. I had the chance to get inspired with one of the most amazing dancers of Egypt that was sharing stage with me (Randa Kamel) and I was once again falling in love with Bellydancing and its beauty!! I am so grateful to my sponsor Bella for an awesome job in Taiwan, and I wish her the best.
Now, I have so much to be thankful for this year, but one of the greatest gift God has giving me is my school and my students. Today we are getting ready to put its first theater production, and I am so excited to bring this opportunity to all of them. I am excited to create this choreographies, design their costumes, dance, and rehearse, because this is what I love!!
Dreamsbellydance Shukran is on its way and will hit the Julius Littman theater on April 30th of 2011. We are already selling tickets and the VIP session is almost sold out! I cannot wait for you to see what we have put together. We are bringing the amazing Valerick Molinary from Puerto Rico to perform and teach an awesome workshop in the studio. I hope to see you all at this awesome event and Happy New Year!!

Nathalie Dreamsbellydance Academy Director



  1. Jay Lonewolf says:

    As an artist I understand the sacrifice and commend you for such a wonderfully spiritually invoking tour of both joy and love. I caught some of your art on video. There resides no greater art then that which moved the soul from one’s spirit. If my schedule allows I shall come and enjoy the beauty and grace of a language spoken by ladies for thousands of years. Truly you are magic! In a world where many have lost the art of simply the message, you have restored the grace of the saying ”No words truly needed”.

    Light and Understanding

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