New After School Dance Classes

New Ballet Classes for Girls (Ages 4-12)

Many positive benefits are associated with learning the art of ballet. Besides learning the traditional techniques of this dance, ballet lessons can also foster a positive self image in young girls. Ballet teaches skill, grace, poise, self discipline and self confidence.

Nathalie will teach the little one the beauty and strength through the basic principles of ballet. No experience needed~
Mondays & Tuesdays  3:30pm (Ages 4-7) 

Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:30pm (Ages 8-12)

Cheerleading Classes for Girls (Ages 4-12)

In this class our little girls will be learning Cheer motions, jumps and basic Tumbling such as cartwheel, round offs and back walk overs. Our girls will have fun leaning how to dance, cheer, and sing while learning new routines each month.

Annemarie will teach the girls to work on dance and motions to music and with pom-pom. This is a great introduction class to cheerleading for our little ones! Cheer classes are 50 minutes long.

Wednesdays 4:30pm (Ages 4-7) 

Thursdays 4:30pm (Ages 8-12)

Jazz Classes for Girls (Ages 4-12):  

In this class our girls will experience the amazing music and body awareness of jazz. This class enhances flexibility and strength in a child while it incorporates strong, sharp, placed movements executed to today’s music. Jazz develops agility and coordination while instilling a sense of rhythm and interpretation of music. Theater style choreography and hip hop style moves make this class a favorite.

Mondays 4:30pm (Ages 4-7)

Tuesdays 4:30pm (Ages 8-12)

Belly Dance Classes for Girls (Ages 4-12)

Belly Dance  for Kids:In our belly-kids class our little ones will discover the beauty of Belly Dance while increasing physical activity, coordination, flexibility, and contextual awareness! we provide an age-appropriate belly dance class for our young participants.

Children will discover a beautiful world of dance and music as they learn, exercise, and have fun together! Our little ones will learn basic movements and dance steps from Middle Eastern dance and get involved into the world of arts.
Mondays & Tuesdays 5:30pm (Ages 4-7) 

Wednesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm (Ages 8-12)

Now Enrolling for the School Year!

First 20 kids- $140.00 per month Unlimited Dance Classes

Next 20 Kids- $150.00 per month Unlimited Dance Classes

Every Kid after- $175.00 per month Unlimited Dance Classes

3x per week Option – $90.00 per month

Drop-in Classes -$20.00



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