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Tell us how we are doing and how your experience was at DreamsBellydance Academy!! All feedbacks are appreciated. Just Post your comments here in this page!! We hope to see you again in one of our awesome dance classes!!


  1. Nathalie, thank you for helping me to achieve my dreams and for being professional and at the same time supportive and caring with everyone, you have inspired me so much in so many ways, i am learning so much from you. That’s why i am your FAN NUMBER 1 <3

    • Nathalie Zarate says:

      You are too sweet…it is so rewarding seeing you getting better each day in my school!! I hope that you continue doing what you love and that you don’t allow nothing to get in your way!! Let’s get ready for Shukran!!!! 🙂 see you at the studio

  2. Valentina Giraldo says:

    My experience at Dreams Belly Dance has been absolutly amazing, Nathalie has inspired me in dancing and in every aspect of life. I am more dedicated and i feel more confident in myself. Nathalie is the best dance instructer / teacher ever ! & everyone at DBA is so welcoming and loving ! thank you nathalie so much for everything ! you inspire me !
    love , your mini project !:)

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