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So a lot of students come into our studio with one thing in mind for this summer, and that is to loose weight!! Of course after taking a few classes everyone ends up falling in love with bellydancing and doing this for more than just weight loss. However,  getting in shape in the summer seems to be the number one goal of every woman out there, and I don’t blame you … who doesn’t want to look good in a bikini?? 🙂

Therefore, I wanted to tell you my own personal story so maybe you can relate and get inspire…

Since I was a little girl i was  considered ” an overweight child” I’m sure that seeing my pictures now will not make you believe me , but I did go through a long road to be here and look they way i look now. Therefore i want to take it back to my starting days of dancing, and way back to when I was 10 years old. I have being involved in dancing since I was a little girl, and my mom always said ” I had the gift ” however, in school I was always bullied by other kids because of my weight and for being FAT! In that time, this was tormenting me because I was enrolled in classical ballet classes, and everyone there was thin as a stick…lol But there I was, the short girl with wide hips and legs…teachers really messed up with my head and that affected the way I saw myself.  One thing that I never let them do to me was make me stop dancing! I had a teacher who actually told me that I should switch careers because I will never be able to be a dancer because of the way i looked…if she will only see me now, leaving of my dream !! 🙂 

The truth is the dancing was somenthing that always made me feel good about myself, and I always kept doing it no matter the cirmcustances… Teachers will not want to move me up the levels in my dance class because i wasn’t thin enough. I know as cruel as this might sound, it is reality that a lot of us have gone through as a child, and a lot of our own children are going through these days.

Therefore I decided that one day I was going to stop feeling this way and keep myself in shape, but most of all I was going to leave a healthy life!! Belly Dancing has provided all of this for me and more… Not only dancing 3 to 4 times a week  made my body shape up quickly, but it also made me feel so good about the way I felt about myself….  Yes I’m curvy and now I am embracing it, For teachers in this dance now I was not thick anymore, I was just right!! 🙂

I have the opportunity to teach woman of all ages, and sizes and truth is that I am so confident to tell them that they can do this, just like I did…with the right mind, set of goals, and willingness to want to change things you can do it too!!

Therefore, my belly dance Academy has a very structured program that you follow to become proficient in this art form, but I also created this awesome Belly-Fit programs to help everyone achieve their goal. Now Dreamsbellydance Academy offers two Belly-Fit programs, and a NEW Belly-Salsa cardio workout  that you can join to get in shape, learn how to dance, and start a healthy life!

Remember, it also has to do with the right food choices, so skip the fried food, and go for something healthy so that you feel better this summer! I know dancing will make you feel more confident, and give you the cardio you need to loose those extra pounds.

Belly-Fit Classes: Thursdays 11:45am & 7:45pm

Belly-Salsa Workout Class: Tuesdays 10:30am


If you not sure what are the belly dance benefits I invite you to read an article that was written by Rafael Moret, coach and director of the South Florida Fitness Boot Camps, so that you can understand the reasons why belly dancing is the way to go this summer!!



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