Give the Gift of DANCE!

Holiday Gift Card Package Options  6 Classes - (1 month expiration) = $120   8 Classes - (2 month expiration) = $135 10 Classes - (2 month expiration) = $180   Class Packages 6 Classes $120.00 USD 8 classes $145.00 USD 10 classes $180.00 USD Check Our Class Schedule!    … [Read more...]

Monthly Belly Dance Hafla!

Join Me and the South Florida Belly Dance community as we get together once a month for our famous Belly Dance Hafla!  (Hafla is a small, low-key social gathering centered around bellydancing and food. May include costume vendors and live music. It is also an opportunity to provide students with a low-stakes arena in which to perform, as well as to expose them to the style of other belly … [Read more...]

Black Friday Sales!

SHOP NOW TILL MIDNIGHT!   Nathalie Belly Dance Shirts 100% cotton beautiful form fitting excellent for dance class. Sizes S-M-L $14.99      Try one of our Belly Dance classes!!!  6 Class Pass $99.00 (Original Price $120.00) 10 Class Pass $160.00  (Original Price $180) Online Belly Dance Level 1 Program Click Here      … [Read more...]

Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly Dance for Fitness, Fun, Art, Mind & Spirit! Belly Dancers aren't just wiggling and jiggling their hips; they're getting an Ab Workout that sculpts almost every single muscle in their core -- even the hard-to-target, deep transverse abdominals. Belly Dancing has quickly become an extremely popular ab work out, but it also provides a number of exciting benefits beyond just working your … [Read more...]

New Workshops & Classes

Every day I ask myself how can I help more people achieve their goals & dreams, and believe it or not pushing to achieve my Dreams makes me want to help you get to yours. Therefore, the past few months I've being talking to my students about what they want and how can I help them. I've listened to their feedbacks and I am moving forward to bring new classes and workshops for all of … [Read more...]

Competing gave me discipline, changed my body, & brought New Dreams!!

Hi, I hope you started this week in a great spirit! I am still recuperating from a long weekend of excitement, hard work, and accomplishments. This past Saturday April 6th I competed in the National Physique Committee, AKA (NPC) Fitness competition. I competed in the bikini category. This was my first time competing in such a BIG fitness show and I have to say that my hard work paid off!! I … [Read more...]

My Fitness Journey

Hi, I hope you are having a great week so far, I've being real busy as usual :) A few weeks ago I sent you an e-mail sharing with you about my "Fitness Competition Journey" and told you that training and dieting was getting really hard since I was only 3 weeks away from my competition, well I am now only 3 days away from going on stage this upcoming Saturday April 6th and showcase all the … [Read more...]


HAPPY 2013!!!! If you are READY to get those NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS into ACTIONS, then you have to check out all of the amazing new belly dance classes that we have available this 2013! Bellydance Classes for Everyone! If your goal is to loose weight, get in shape, learn how to DANCE and have FUN, here is your opportunity to do it all in only one hour class!! Belly Dancing is the way of … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

My NEW YEAR WISHES for YOU and the WORLD!  Here I share with you my advice to change or improve for 2013, check it out and try to get outside of your comfort zone! Enjoy :) Nathalie! … [Read more...]

Belly Dance Classes & Events

January Classes & Events.    The Belly-Fit Experience with Nathalie  Beautiful Belly! Dance off the belly Fat in this belly-fit experience class with Nathalie! This class is an amazing way to slim & sculpt the body keeping that feminine look that all girls want. Loose weight like Dancing with the Stars celebrities did! Did you know that with belly dancing you can burn up to 385 … [Read more...]