21 Day Belly Dance Program

"...Because Isn't It Time To Take Care of YOU?" Give us just 21 days and we'll get you moving those hips, your body, and put you on the fastest track to learning proper belly dance technique that will make your body toned, and make you feel terrific without gimmicks! With only a month away from the Holidays and the New Year, You can now start to make a difference in your life! These students … [Read more...]

Nathalie’s Belly Dance Technique

Shaping the Future of Dance!  Nathalie was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in February 1983. She began her dance training at the young age of 4. Nathalie studied ballet, jazz, tango, Argentinean Folk, Flamenco, and ice skating. From an early age, Nathalie found her passion among artists, music, and dance. She found herself delighted by Middle Eastern dance and culture at the age of 14, while … [Read more...]

From Dream to Reality

MY STORY Hello Everyone! I hope this message finds you all well. It’s Annemarie! Sometimes in our busy lives, it becomes difficult to share with others our goals, choices, dreams and what we really want out of life. At Dreamsbellydance Academy, it is very important for us to know each one of you and to find out a little bit about your dancing and what bellydance does for you. For many of … [Read more...]

30 Day Dance Challenge

Be a Better Dancer... Guaranteed! “Discover the feeling of natural dancing, the dancing that feels effortless and easy”  If you want to become a better dancer, learn how to implement all movements learned in your belly dance classes, create your own choreography, prevent injury, and set a new standard in your dance, then you must consider this new program! I guarantee combining the proper … [Read more...]

Latest Belly Dance Videos

Dreamsbellydance Academy has achieved a reputation throughout the belly dance world for the superior quality of its education and artistic training. Under the artistic direction of Nathalie Zarate Dreamsbellydance Academy aims to create true belly dancers – trained equally in classical ballet, Egyptian, and modern belly dance.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR BELLY DANCE … [Read more...]

New Belly Dance Groupon Offer

Groupon Deal 72 hours LEFT!! Hello There, We just partner up with the guys of Groupon for the second time to create this amazing deal! It is ONLY for the next 3 days so I encourage you to take advantage quick because we WONT offer this DEAL again!! GROUPON DEAL! 72 Hours Only! BELLY DANCE LEVEL 1 (BEGINNER'S PROGRAM) 1 MONTH OF CLASSES  JUST $50.00  AVAILABLE FOR NEW STUDENTS … [Read more...]

Free Workout

Hello there, For the past 9 months I have been showing you my progress and decisions to live a healthy life style! I have had the opportunity to learn the ways of working out effectively and eat the right way to create the results I wanted. I entered a fitness competition and worked hard for nine months, this defnitely kept me going. With my daily training and healthy eating I always seek ways … [Read more...]

Extra Bonus Video

Hello There,   I hope you are starting your morning in a very positive way, I can't believe it is already Thursday, first week back to school for the kids and I am sure you have been super busy trying to adapt to the traffic in the streets and get back on track with everything you have to do.   For me even thought I don't have kids, it was a very busy week... I am extremely busy … [Read more...]

Episode 3- Learn How to Belly Dance

Happy Tuesday! I know I usually don't email you on Tuesdays, but the truth is that I was beating myself up for not sending you my episode number 3 of learn how to belly dance video last Thursdays. Believe it or not, I more than anyone else can understand how and why sometimes you don't get to do it all, even if you have the best intensions in the world to do so, life gets in the way, work gets … [Read more...]

New After School Dance Classes

New Ballet Classes for Girls (Ages 4-12) Many positive benefits are associated with learning the art of ballet. Besides learning the traditional techniques of this dance, ballet lessons can also foster a positive self image in young girls. Ballet teaches skill, grace, poise, self discipline and self confidence. Nathalie will teach the little one the beauty and strength through the basic … [Read more...]