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Tell us how we are doing and how your experience was at DreamsBellydance Academy!! All feedbacks are appreciated. Just Post your comments here in this page!! We hope to see you again in one of our awesome dance classes!! … [Read more...]

“Nathalie is super nice, professional and OMG! loads of Fun!”

Wow! Love taking classes here! Nathalie is truly talented not only as a dancer and performer but also as a teacher. This is very important because not all great dancers make great teachers, but Nathalie’s surely got it! She is very pleasant & patient with all students and teaches proper and safe dancing technique (I truly thank her for keeping my body pain-free!=) And on top of that I … [Read more...]

“The workshops were AWESOME!!”

Nathalie I wanted to thank you for such an amazing weekend.  The workshops were AWESOME!!!!!!  I was talking to some of the girls and they felt the same way.  You know when you go to so many workshops, and maybe get one of two things out of it… well, you gave us SO MUCH to work with, tons of technique we can actually practice and use.  It’s so awesome to find an amazing & honest instructor and … [Read more...]

“She was so helpful and patient that i got it together in just 2 weeks!!”

I’ve never had such a great instructor! You can learn everything step by step like you should instead of just following along the whole time (we even get a syllabus of everything we will learn in each level). The classes are filled with a ton of energy and fun. Nathalie teaches us a technique that is flawless, graceful and beautiful. When i first started taking her classes i couldn't play my … [Read more...]

“She is a remarkable!”

My first class taught by Nathalie was one of the best things I have ever done for my self. She is a remarkable and a unique dancer and teacher. Robie (Miami, FL) … [Read more...]

“She gives all her knowledge!”

I’ve been dancing with Nathalie all this year and I see a huge improvement in my dance: my movements are more fluent and graceful and my posture radiates presence! She not only teaches belly dance, she gives all her knowledge as a dancer and makes you understand the music and how the body works. Liliana Barrera (Miami. FL) … [Read more...]

“She has inspired me to dance out of myself larger, more beautiful, more powerful!”

Nathalie not only teaches you how to dance she inspires you to dance from the heart. She has inspired me to dance out of myself larger, more beautiful, more powerful. Nathalie truly believes that bellydance has something to say which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing. There are times when the gracefulness of her movements can fulfill the function of a volume of … [Read more...]