Competing gave me discipline, changed my body, & brought New Dreams!!


I hope you started this week in a great spirit! I am still recuperating from a long weekend of excitement, hard work, and accomplishments. This past Saturday April 6th I competed in the National Physique Committee, AKA (NPC) Fitness competition. I competed in the bikini category. This was my first time competing in such a BIG fitness show and I have to say that my hard work paid off!! I prepared for 7 weeks dieting, training, and pushing my body to its limits to achieve the look I needed for the stage! My trainer encouraged me and pushed me even when I didn’t wanted to get up from bed to do my cardio in the AM. Some days I will go to bed a 3:00am and I had to be in the GYM to train at 7:00AM ready and awake! This was so hard, but having a coach made all the difference.

One morning I was too lazy to get up from bed so I texted him saying that I was skipping my cardio, he replied, “Do you know what separate winners from losers?… That losers talk about wanting to do the things that winners just DO” … See you at 7AM! 

Having him pushing, coaching , and guiding me made a tremendous difference in the progress in my body every week. The reason I share this is because this is true with everything we do. Having a “COACH”, a “TEACHER”,  or a “TRAINER” someone to guide you and help you get to your goals will make all the difference in the world. 

Thanks to his guidance and my commitment to my training, I took 4th place out of 68 woman competing in the Bikini category, 12 in my high class. I am beyond excited with what the future holds for me, I know that every day and night at the gym and dieting was worth the effort! 


This leads me to tell you that this competition brought many new dreams and opportunities into my life. I believe that in life there are no chance encounters, and that we meet people for a specific reason ALWAYS!  There are never coincidence in this life.

I know I am meant to do BIGGER things in my life, and this new dreams of competing in the NPC federation is not a coincidence at all. I want to help more people live a healthy life style and feel accomplished the way I do. I want to empower others to not stay stuck and make excuses for themselves, I want to be that coach and teacher, that will push someone to achieve results and give encouraging words when is needed.

I am proud to announce that I am working on my personal training and nutrition certifications! I am transforming my studio into a wellness center not only helping woman through belly dancing but also guiding them and empowering them through exercise, healthy eating and changing their life style.

I will soon Post the new class schedule for the studio with belly dance classes, training programs, nutrition courses, competitors coaching programs and more. We are also adding meditation classes, Yoga, Zumba, and Sexy Fitness Dance classes. 

I am so excited with this NEW & IMPROVE STUDIO!! We are going to have it ALL for YOU!!!

Till then I am sending you all my LOVE & Blessings!!

Stay Fit and be Well!

Nathalie 🙂



  1. Nathalie, your hard work has definitely paid off. You look absolutely stunning. I can appreciate your commitment. Though I’ve never competed, I have and continue to be a lifelong “gym rat.” I also have six different peronal trainer certs. Hope our paths cross someday.


  2. Marlene Ruiz says:

    Your an inspiration to us all! I am very happy for you, god bless you always and may he rain you with blessings! I think the nutrition health center is excellent and the sexy belly dance class a PLUS! Thank you and I just have to say I love to be in your classes 🙂
    Your student,

  3. Tia Brown says:

    Im so happy for you girl. Out of 68 & came in 4th, thats freaking awesome. Your body looks amazing, that’s truly hard work. See you soon.

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