Help Me make my Christmas wish come True!

My Christmas wish this year is:


I want YOU to write a comment on HERE  answering the questions below, or upload a quick video on You Tube and put the link as a comment below telling me the answers to my questions 🙂 


Hint- Videos will be greatly appreciated 🙂


  • Who are you and where you from?
  • How long have you being belly dancing or why haven’t you started yet?
  • Have you ever taken any of my classes or workshops, and did you feel like it was beneficial to your dance?
  • What do you want to see in my NEW Academy?
  • If you are a current student, why do you love our classes so much and what really makes you come back?


If you can take 5-minutes to do this  I will really appreciate it!!
 If you can make my Christmas wish come true, I promise I will do the same for YOU 🙂


 THANK YOU in advanced


Nathalie Zarate
Dreamsbellydance Academy Director


  1. Floridalia Sanchez says:

    I am Flora Sanchez and I am from Dominican Republic. I have been dancing for a little more than a year but taking classes for almost a year now with AnnMarie and you, Nathalie.

    I feel that the classes are beneficial and the tricks that you teach help me in becoming a better dancer.

    I think that what you have in the current academy is great and you have great ideas over all that makes the place a very welcoming place.

    I really like the fact that you, AnnMarie and Valerick take time and help the students in the areas that they need in order to help them reach their goal.

  2. Valentina Giraldo says:

    Hi my name is Valentina Giraldo and i am colombian. I have been belly dancing at your studio for over 1 year now.
    I have taken both your classes and workshops and i find them very beneficial to my dancing.
    In your new academy i would love to see more classes with props , but your current ideas with classes like the belly aerobics are amazing.
    I really love how you help us so well during the whole process of becoming a belly dancer , you help us with our weaknesses and encourage us to try new things. What makes me come back is that now after taking your classes you have me addicted to belly dance ! i absolutely love the welcoming feeling at the studio , and how sweet you all are 🙂 !

  3. My name is Betsy, from Dominican Republic. I am the mother of one of the bellykids.
    She started bellydancing at DBA since June, she is always excited to go to class and feels right at home whenever she is there, I have seen a noticible improvement in her self steem and activity levels because she is always eager to show everybody what Miss Nathalie teached her, It has really been beneficial for her, the bellykids class is just perfect, it will be fun to see a pole bellydancing class (for adults of course) lol .
    As I said my daughther is a student and loves the studio, the people at DBA is what makes her come back, she really does feel part of the family.

  4. Hi, my name is Ashira and I am from California. I have been dancing for about 5 years now and have taken your workshops before.They are amazing, especially your shimmie workshops. I learned a few tricks that made my shimmies much more consistent. You are such a fabulous dancer and your passion rubs off onto me when I take your worshops. I am so happy that you have moved closer to my home. I can come take classes from you. I specialize in Turkish so I would love to see you offer a class in floor work.

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