How many shimmies are there?

 Hi there,
Have you ever stopped to think about how many shimmies there are?
In my Level one class we usually go over some of them, but one of our new students asked me
“How many shimmies are there?”
And I have to say…I started to think and now I wonder how many of you are wondering the same thing.
When new students come to DreamsBellyDance and join our Level program we go over a lot of details about moves, variations, and steps and this is why we test everyone at the end of the level, to make sure before someone moves to another level to learn new things, they really understands the basics 🙂
Ok, back to how many shimmies
Here is a cool list for you:

the basic shimmy, the 4/4 shimmy, the 3/4 shimmy, choo-choo shimmy, hip twist shimmy, the shoulder shimmy, and the straight leg shimmy.

1: up and down – generated by lateral flexors
2: up and down – generated by bending knees
3: up and down – generated by contracting glutes
4: up and down – generated by forcing all body weight on the heels with your legs bent
5: up and down – generated by mixure of above
6: forward and back (twist) – generated by lateral flexors
7: forward and back (Straight leg shimmy) – generated by quads pushing legs backThen you have variations – single leg, slice, circles, and many more combos with shimmies.Body:
8: both knees bending together- you can add the salsa step with shimmies!

Upper Body:
9: shoulder shimmy – shoulders only going back and forward

10: Hand shimmy (khaleegy)
So many….
That is why you can not stop learning…there is always something new, and even when you know “A LOT” you need to practice it.
I hope to see you all at DBA this week
Have a great weekend

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