Episode 3- Learn How to Belly Dance

Happy Tuesday! I know I usually don’t email you on Tuesdays, but the truth is that I was beating myself up for not sending you my episode number 3 of learn how to belly dance video last Thursdays.

Believe it or not, I more than anyone else can understand how and why sometimes you don’t get to do it all, even if you have the best intensions in the world to do so, life gets in the way, work gets in the way, kids, husband, family, etc. I can go on an on in all the reasons why woman like you and me are so busy that sometimes we just simply can’t keep up with all of the task in our schedule.

But the truth is that no matter when or how late it is, we have to commit to do what we say we are going to do, WHY? Because as woman we have a mission in the world, and that mission is that we are the example of our young generation of woman.

We must teach young girls to commit to things and follow through with it, even pulling through the little things can be a great teaching lesson on how to become responsible, committed, and fully engaged!

The best part of this is that when you tell people what to do, humans resist the “I tell you to do this, so do it”, nobody like to be told what to do, I certainly don’t like it 🙂

But the difference happens when you actually lead by example, and without much talking you actually show it with your actions, than the quality of the person, woman, and hard worker that you are shows without a single word!

Therefore, I am pulling through with my promise that each week you will receive a FREE episode video to learn how to belly dance. This one came a little late, but it is in here now, so don’t waste time and check it out!

Now leave me a comment below telling me what are the things that you are putting aside or say that you will do but you are not falling through, and what can you do to lead by example today? 

Now I leave you with a Quote from Mastin from the Daily Love: If you REALLY want to inspire people, walk your talk. The days of “do as I say, not as I do” – are over!!

Enjoy my video 🙂
Loads of Love.

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  1. I think you are quite wonderful, personally. Not only do I enjoy your dancing…I also enjoy your style and personality as it comes across in the media that you are putting out. Estoy averiguando si eres Boricua…..it doesn’ t really matter, but I am curious. I can tell that you are Latina in any case….;0)

  2. Angélique Julia says:

    I’m fascinated by your dance:-)

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