Learn How to Dance Faster!

Hello There,

For the last few weeks I being listening to a lot of my costumers, and just like YOU they wish they can learn how to DANCE FASTER. So here is what I did…

For the last few weeks I being putting together all of my ideas to see how I can HELP YOU learn how to dance faster. And then, something happened… I realized that if I make some SIMPLE adjustments and change some of the technique I use to teach, I could actually increase how FAST you learn. But there is a problem, even though I have this in paper, and even though I have been teaching for 13 years, I need to test this out on REAL STUDENTS. Here is where YOU come in!

I am putting together a beta test group to see if this will work…

I believe I can teach you a NEW choreography and get you to perform it in just 14 days.

If you will be interested in being a beta tester for this NEW project, post a comment below RIGHT NOW! I’m only taking 15 to 20 participants for this project, and I am sending this e-mail to more than 3000 people.

Again, this is going to be a 14-day beta test project, where I can get you dancing and performing Nathalie Style 🙂 in 14-days!!

All you have to do is post your comment below and say YES, I’M INTERESTED!

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!!

Nathalie Zarate

Dreamsbellydance Academy Director



  1. Yes I’m interested!

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