Memorial Day Sale

We cannot avoid the fact that during Memorial Day weekend stores have great SALES, and it is a great day to shop!  Who doesn’t love those nice sales?  I went shopping for a pair of my favorite heels yesterday, and I ended up getting two for the price of one!! I was so happy…

So I know that a lot of you are really waiting to see what kind of sale I come up with today, so here it goes and I really hope you take advantage because it is only until Midnight!!! 
Register TODAY ONLY for Nathalie’s Summer Dance Intensive program! 
At a discounted price of $197.00 – This mean you will have access to 6 hours of my best training program for only $32 per hour ! Think about it, this program is one of my best SOLID training courses, if I can convince you to join, I know you will benefit from it tremendously. Not only you will train with me for 6 hours during three weeks but I will also go ahead and give you 5 of my FREE Bonuses why? … I’m just trying to remove any reasons why you wouldn’t give it a chance!
But Just because is Memorial Day , and because I want you to feel the same way I felt yesterday when I bough my two pair of heels for the price of one 🙂 I will add this AWESOME DEAL ~ Bring One of your friends to do the intensive program with you for only $100 more! This mean, you and her can get six hours of my BEST TRAINING PROGRAM for only $297.00 for the both of you 🙂 This is less than $25.00 per hour for each one of you!! 

If the Summer Dance Intensive is NOT for you 🙁  I also have other awesome SALES that I know you can take advantage of :


Register for 10 Open classes for only $100.00 you have two months to use this classes and you can attend any Open class in the schedule! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 


Register for our New Level 1 program starting Monday June 4th at 7:45pm at 20% off the entire 8-week program! 

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