NathalieDreamsBellydance was founded in May of 2003. Nathalie Zarate the founder and organizer of DBA  is a professional bellydance performer, choreographer, producer, instructor, and just recently became a book author publishing the “Bellydance Secrets Revealed E-book” . Most importantly Nathalie is a devoted and passionate dancer that continues to share her passion with others… She began her dance training at the young age of 4. Nathalie studied ballet, jazz, tango, contemporary, modern, Argentinean Folk, Flamenco, and ice skating. From an early age, Nathalie found her passion among artists, music, and dance. She found herself delighted by Middle Eastern dance and culture at the age of 14. As her dance education expanded, Nathalie became one of South Florida’s acclaimed performers and dance instructors. With her beautiful, soulful, and passionate style  at the age of 19 Nathalie started teaching bellydance classes locally. After receiving so much love and dedication from her students she decided to create and produced her own dance productions. In 2003 Nathalie organized her first dance production and called it DreamsBellydance. Ever since, DreamsBellydance productions have being growing immensely. Providing quality and high scale productions, Nathalie and her dance team are one of South Florida’s favorite. Over the years, Nathalie has worked really hard to bring the BEST of Middle Eastern dance to South Florida. Even thought this is DreamsBellydance first actual location, our resume is impressive & extensive. Nathalie was the winner of the second runner up in The Miss Bellydance USA Competition 2004, in Portland Oregon, and in 2006 she was selected by the Bellydance Superstars in the auditions held in Miami. Between the years of 2005 and 2006 Nathalie was also selected to be the opening act for famous Lebanese singer Melhem Barakat and Wael Kfoury in their concert in South Florida. Nathalie was featured in many music videos and Television shows such as, Timberland’s Music Video (Indian Flute), R- Kelly’s Music video (Whine for me), MTV music Award 2005, Opening Act for the Cirque du Soleil “KA” in Las Vegas and Fox Sports awards. She has also performed for many celebrities like Shaquille O’Neil, Gloria Stefan, Emilio Stefan, Jason Taylor, Method man, Alonzo Mourning and many more. She was recently featured in a belly dance festival in Italy, she traveled intensively for 10 days througout Europe teaching and performing, as well as traveling to Asia, and South America for performances and seminars.

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