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Hi There,

Congrats for taking the time to REALLY take ACTIONS and make a successful career for yourself! This coaching program that I am putting together for you is the BEST way to stop procrastinating and really take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, and what I mean by the NEXT LEVEL, is becoming  SUCCESSFUL at what you do BEST 🙂

My Powerful Quote for You: 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Here is the Bottom line: With my coaching program you will discover a number of little-known insights that I’ve been putting to work inside my business, many of which I’ve never publicly discussed before.

Want to see what I am talking about?

Now that you watched my video, this is what you will get with my coaching program:

This coaching program will give you access to a month worth of information all in Videos Modules and PDF Files downloadable that I created just FOR YOU 🙂 

We are going to have an online classroom  that you will login to a password protected site and each week we will cover a new subject with lot of information and insights for you to grow your business.

This is what you will have access to once you signed up for my coaching program:

The First Week (Video Module #1) 

  • Evaluate Priorities
  • Let Go of the things that don’t serve your business anymore
  • Committing to three priorities
  • Creating a schedule structure that works for you and your business
  • Plan for inspiration
  • Your actions
  • Leadership
  • Results

Second Week (Video Module # 2) 

  • Business Marketing and advertising (How much are you investing in your business? listen to what I just said, marketing and advertising is not a cost, it is something that you are going to invest to grow your business. the same way you invest in costumes, jewelery, classes. Are you investing in promoting your business in the right format?  We are going to go into details about all of this. Don’t panic, investing it is not going to cost you hundreds of thousand of dollars, I am going to show you FREE ways and low cost ways that you can use for you to advertise your business. Whether you are an instructor and looking to promote your classes, or if you are a dancer looking to promote your shows.

Third Week (Video Module # 3) 

  • We are going to talk about your website, facebook, twitter, youtube, your blog and your e-mails. I am going to go into details on what a real website should look like, not a free hosting site that Go-daddy gives you, how to get the best quality website because that’s going to be your “Real business card” that’s how people will find YOU. I am going to teach you the best ways to professionally use facebook, youtube, and twitter, to promote your performances  and your classes. i am also going to give you direct access to my web designer 🙂

Fourth Week (Video Module #4)

  • it is going to be The 3 pieces
  • Promotions
  • Pricing
  • Positioning

Promotion: How would you promote yourself if you are just starting out? how would you promote yourself if you being around for a long time? the methods “they used to use” don’t work anymore.

Pricing: What should you charge for your performances? how do you charge for your performances? if you are new or around for a long time. Should you charge the same thing if you teaching a class in a local dance studio, or if you being flown half way across the world to teach a workshop?

Positioning: How do you position yourself to be the go to person in your area?  what does this mean? it means how do you position your self to be the dancer everyone calls when they have a party?  how do you position yourself to be the dance studio owner everyone goes when they want to learn how to belly dance?


But that’s Not ALL!!

At the end of each video module I am going to have an action plan check list on things that you want to accomplish before the next week module is up, this will ensure that you’ll get this task done and in terms help you grow your business. 🙂
So what’s the COST for my coaching program? 
Well, as I told you in my video, I am going to make it exclusive to ONLY 50 PEOPLE!! and affordable, and convinient for all of YOU to be a part of it 🙂
If you are one of those 50 people that want to GROW their business, than You can make A one time Payment of $497.00 or Six Payments of $97.00 

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