Sorry You Missed This…

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry that you couldn’t come to our belly intro class on Wednesday or our Belydance Explosion class on Thursday. We had so much fun, and the girls really sweated all out!!

I am not sure if something came up and you couldn’t make it, or maybe you never opened the previous e-mail I sent, or perhaps you think this class is not for you just yet…. Well I tell you that I understand if you are still hesitating, I know that sometimes going to a dance class can be intimidating. However In this class there is nothing to worry about. Our dance classes are the perfect way to introduce anyone into the world of dance, fitness, and future performances without having the high costs like other dance studios. We pride ourselves on PROVIDING a low stress, no pressure environment where EVERYONE can have fun and learn how to dance while gaining relationships that will last a lifetime.
Therefore don’t wait another minute to try these classes with no commitment at all.

Join us on the intro classes on Wednesday for a $1.00 for the first time or come by Monday & Thursday s at 6:30pm for some Bellydance Explosion.

Now I tell you Why choosing Belly dancing? Belly Dance is a great form of low-impact exercise that improves posture, increases flexibility and strengthens many of the muscles of the body. Belly Dance also improves self-esteem, promotes a positive body image, and provides a support network among women. There are also social and emotional benefits of bellydancing such as stress reduction. Learning to belly dance involves using muscles in your body that you have probably never used before and may feel awkward at first.  A little practice can go a long way!

We also have ALL these Classes available for you!!
Belly-Fit (Bellydance 4 Fitness)
Bellydance Explosion (Bellydance technique class)
Belly-Intro (Introduction to bellydance class)
Mommy & Me (Bellydance Mom & Daughter class)
Belly-Mix (Bellydance Mix-levels and conditioning class) 
Belly-Kids (Bellydance for Children class)

Hope to see you this up-coming week!!
Dreamsbellydance Academy Director
7909 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines FL 33024


  1. hi mrs natle it is me angelique i will come to class soon i cant right now because i am on a break from bellydance but i will come soon by.

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