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Hi Everyone 🙂
I hope you are having a fantastic Day! Here is my video # 2 on how to become a professional in what you do !!
Now, If you want to figure out how to monetize your business and “convert your time into money”, I’ve got a special video for you that’s going to blow you away. You MUST factor ALL THE DETAILS IN before quoting your shows!
The FASTEST path to success in business is to model people who have ALREADY done what you want to do, and that are willing to show you what that is. My Video will do exactly that!

Enjoy it and don’t forget to leave me your comment!!! 🙂

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  1. Nathalie, your video about how to charge for performances is so needed in our business. I have been performing for 25 years in MA and it has always been a struggle to teach up-and-coming dancers about not only the unfairness to others but also the unfairness to ones self. — Shifáh

  2. I loved the video!!!In Brazil, my birth country, have too much these problems about charging.
    Sometimes the “PROFESSIONAL” belly dancers start one auction inverse, they give less prices about the shows, only for the client not choose the other professional.This is bad!!!How you said, we need in value!This way the clients to want pay small prices for the shows and the people not respect the professional.Thanks a lot!!!!

  3. very useful and accurate info. I have lost myself a few gigs just because of pricing. But like Nati said they get what they pay. I use myself a written service contract that must be signed. Natalie thank you for your contribution to our dance community.
    love your sis, Sutlana

  4. I love your nonjudgmental attitude, and the fact that you want the whole community to do well! That’s exactly how I feel about the community in the Sam Francisco Bay Area.

  5. I really like your realistic approach to putting it all together… and supporting the funding to present the quality experience that can and should be produced as a professional in a healthy way to work smarter.

  6. How do you get these calls……how to advertise for these shows..etc to get people calling for you….thanks

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