New Isis Wings Choreography Program!

Do you want to have the opportunity to learn and perform more? Well, we are now offering Choreography programs that will give you exactly that! Every Year Dreamsbellydance Academy will produce a theater show to give the opportunity to ALL of our students to be a part of this awesome production! You will have the opportunity to show your family and friends everything you are learning in our school!!

This Choreography programs are OPEN to ALL students interested in participating. We are offering choreography programs for Beginner’s, Intermediate, and Advanced students! If you are in our level classes, open classes, or not a current student of the Academy you can still be a part of our Theater Show!!

Rehearsals dates will be posted after choreography programs are done and will be scheduled with your instructor! 

PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE NO MAKEUP CLASSES FOR CHOREOGRAPHY PROGRAMS – Choreography Programs are non-refundable and non-transferable – Class cards may not be used as payment and walk-in’s are not permitted- Space is limited and you MUST sign Up ahead of time to participate in this choreography Programs!

Our Theater Show “Belly-Dazle” will be produced  in December of 2012, more details will be posted in Our Website soon! 


Starting Wednesday May 2nd 8:15pm 

Isis Wings Choreography with Nathalie : 

Join Nathalie in this AMAZING Isis Wings routine!! For this 6-week choreography program Nathalie created a beautiful dramatic, Fun, and Sassy routine that will give the students the opportunity to feel the Modern Egyptian Belly Dance Style! Students will also feel the wonderful feeling of dancing like a real Goddess!! Some of the work  includes turns, balance, hip work, foot work and body expresion!!  Isis Wings will be available for purchase at the studio! Please reserve your spot in advanced -Space is limited to 10 students!

6-week choreography course meets once a week. $147.00



  1. Jenifer Jirau says:

    What day is goint to be this 6 weeks course. Did the school have a child room service, I mean, we pay to for leave the kid at the kids room since I take my class. I asked this because some gyms and places have it available. Thanks,

    • Nathalie Zarate says:

      Hello the 6 week course of the wings starts on May 2nd Wednesdays at 8:15pm. Unfortunately we do not have a child room services.

  2. Thanks for finally writing about >New Isis Wings Choreography Program!

    — Dreams Belly Dance <Loved it!

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